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建築関連の研修の情報や その他いろいろ 身の回りの気づきを紹介していきます。
The first gale in the spring
    ふきのとう16Last sunday
    The first gale in the spring had been blowing.
    At that day
    Japanese bush warbler began to sing.
    Daffodils were blooming.
    Fragrance of daphne came to me with wind.
    And in my room
    that butterbur flower stalk bloomed.
    The first gale in the spring has brought many changes
    in our lives.
    Now , I'm very happy.

    | えいごのおけいこ | 19:32 | - | - | - |
    Spring has come
      ふきのとう10At the end of February ,
      My husband picked weeds,it is his daily work,
      and he found a butterbur flower stalk.
      He  took the butterbur flower stalk house from garden to show me.
      The butterbur flower stalk was still tough.
      And then I put it in glass.
      I decided that I was looking forward to spring with watching it.
      | えいごのおけいこ | 19:04 | - | - | - |
      My favorite stool
        stool   I got a stool.
           When I went  shopping at departmentstore,
           I met a stool.
           At there,
           An exhibition and spot sale of wood-work was held.
           I took a fancy to the stool at first sight.
           It was bicolor.
           And, legs were cute like lamb's leg.
           Because I stopped and looked intently,the creator of the stool talked to me.
        " This is WINTER STOOL .
           Seat is made of TABUNOKI.
           TABUNOKI contains so much air between tissues, we feel warm under buttock. "
         I was very much impressed by his thought,
         and I was interested that wood for seat was TABUNOKI,too.
         Because in my garden we have an old TABUNOKI. 
          Althoug TABUNOKI is common in Japan,                
         It is very precious tree for our family.
         It is symbol tree of our garden.
         I had more and more fallen in love with that stool.
         At last, we decided to get that stool.
         And now, TABUNOKI stool has became our favorite one.

        | えいごのおけいこ | 15:22 | - | - | - |
        Calm in the winter

          ろうばい   Yesterday
              It was very fine.
              When I was washing ,
              I raised my eyes towad the sky through the window.
              The blue sky , without a speck of cloud , was shining over Roubai-branches.
              What a beautiful scene  !
          Roubai has very sweet smell.
          I stood on tiptoe toward the window , and I took a deep breath.
          But I did't feel sweet smell.
          I had a stuffy nose.
          If my nose hadn't been damaged,
          I was able to enjoy 
          several times calm in the winter with sweet smell. 
          I was very sorry.

          | えいごのおけいこ | 18:20 | - | - | - |
          Chestnut tree


            Every year
             When chestnuts season has come,chestnuts gatherring memories are come back over 30 years.
            I experienced a large crop for the first time in my life.
              I can't forget the excitement on that time .
              And then I asked my friends
             " Are there any memories concerning chestnuts ? "
             A woman said the story concerning birth of her daugter.
             When her daugter had been born,
            her father gave baby chestnut tree on celebration.
            We talked about her father's wish.
            We wondered if he wished not being hungry her whole life.
            And another woman said the memory
            concerning manners and customs  the New Year in her childhood.
            くりのきAt her home, for the Ner Year's decoration,
            chopsticks of chestnut branch were displayed.
            I consulted the property of chestnut tree.
            And I understood.
            Chestnut tree is very hurd and used for base or pillar of house.
            At the same time,
            I watched TV program " The remains of Sannai maruyama "
            At the Sannai maruyama, chestnuts were grown.and big tree of chestnut were used for pillar of house.

            Since Jomon Age,
            Chestnut tree has been absolutely necessary for human life as foods and as building materials.
            I understood that chestnut tree was whole-hearted present for granddaugter from grandfather.  


            | えいごのおけいこ | 14:57 | - | - | - |
            The Autumn night


              It was strong windy during the day.

              But in the night,it was clear up.

              And there was a moon.

              It was very beautiful.

              It was the twelfth moon.

              I stoped and looked at the moon.

              From far away Kagura's sound were flowing.

              I felt that it's just Autumn.

              And I walked in the moonlight.

              With enjoying Autumn night. 

              | えいごのおけいこ | 17:09 | - | - | - |
              I have been fighting




                  I have been fighting every day.

                  I have been fighting with a yellow swallow tail.

                  She (a yellow swallow tail) comes my office.

                  She lays eggs on young leaves of lemmon tree.

                  Lemmon tree is my valuable plant.

                  Every day

                  I find leaves carefully. 

                  and I find eggs.

                  and I throw away.

                  I will win.

                | えいごのおけいこ | 14:02 | - | - | - |
                Our Bon holidays
                  fresh wind from garden 2 

                   On Bon holidays
                   Our son's family came back home.

                   Because it's a long time since we saw them last,
                   We were afraid that granddaugter didn't adjust herself to us.

                   But she enjoyed with us playing in the plastic pool,tricycle and house outsider.
                   I was very happy,
                   And very busy.
                   I could't have enjoyable meal.

                   After Bon holidays,
                   Son's family went back.

                   And we recovered  lonely but quiet useal life.
                   We had a confortable time at breakfast looking at garden again.

                   I just found that Indian lilac in this year looked poorly than last summer.
                  | えいごのおけいこ | 15:47 | - | - | - |
                  A confotable time
                    fresh wind from garden My husband makes it a rule to pull
                     weeds in my garden every morning.

                     I'm thankful to him for keeping view of
                    my garden.

                     And then, In this summer
                     I made it a rule to take breakfast looking at my garden.

                     Although our breakfast is really simple,
                     We have a confortable time feeling fresh wind from garden.
                    | えいごのおけいこ | 13:56 | - | - | - |
                    The starlit sky 2
                        I observed The starlit sky again
                        to find "Summer Triangle".

                        When I found "Big Dipper" and  
                        moved my eyes to The Milky Way,
                        The shooting star was running overhead.

                        I said "Lukky!!"
                        But It was diffcult to find "Summer Triangle",
                        because street lamp around my area are too

                      | えいごのおけいこ | 14:33 | - | - | - |